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10 Things Our Grandchildren Could Be Thankful For In 2040

Nov 22, 2023 | Arts, Children, Economic Development, Education, Future, Michigan | 0 comments

Conditional optimism is the feeling of a child who is thinking about building a treehouse. “If I get some wood and nails and persuade some other kids to help do the work, we can end up with something really cool.”

Paul Romer

It is easy to be discouraged about the state of the world when we listen to the news, but many things could turn out OK for our children and grandchildren in the future – if we believe in conditional optimism and act on it. Here are 10 things that could go right for them in Michigan if enough of us make an effort:

  1. Our state leaders could stop giving out money to multi-national corporations and instead invest it in the brainpower of our kids.
  2. Our kids could be leaders in the creative economy of the 2040s because we invested in high quality arts programs in our schools.
  3. Michigan could be providing great career opportunities for our kids by nurturing tech business start-ups.
  4. Michigan K-12 schools could be providing the best educations in the country.
  5. In the 2040s, our kids’ incomes could grow at the same rate as the Michigan economy so they do not feel they are continually falling behind.
  6. By the time our grandkids are ready to buy their first house, Michigan can solve its housing shortage.
  7. By 2040, Republicans and Democrats could find solutions both parties can live with to stem the epidemic of gun violence.
  8. Trust in state government could be restored by adopting a strong set of guardrails against corruption.
  9. The Michigan Senate could become the guardian of future generations.
  10. Michigan could become nature positive  in the 2040s by reversing the loss of forests and wetlands.

Will they have these things to be thankful for when Thanksgiving rolls around in 2040? As a conditional optimist, I believe it can happen.

Thanks to all of you for reading my posts this last year, and for your encouragement!





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