Making a better future for the next generation in Michigan.

Future Makers

Tom Fehsenfeld

The short story is that I am a retired business executive and now the author of this blog. Most of my life I lived in Michigan, raising a family and developing a family-owned petroleum distribution company (Crystal Flash). That company transitioned to...

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Michigan Future Inc.

Michigan Future Inc.

Think Tank, Advocacy Organization
How We Can Help the Next Generation

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization. We help our next generation by researching and publicizing new ideas on how Michigan can succeed as a world class community in…

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Become A Future Maker

Future makers are those who care about what we are leaving for our future generations. They are informed people who would like to share their knowledge in order to help create a future where our children and grand children can thrive. If you have something to say and would like to contribute to this site as a writer, click the button below.

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