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JustAir Is Focusing on Healthy Air for the Next Generation

Feb 19, 2024 | Air Quality, Future, Future Maker, Michigan, Well-being | 0 comments

Last February, I published a post about how we are doing in providing healthy air for the next generation in Michigan. The bottom line is that we have come a long way to assure clean air for our kids — but local pollution hotspots are a problem, especially in the highly industrialized areas.

Darren Riley is doing something about it. According to an interview in the Detroit News, Darren moved to Detroit from Houston in 2016 and started to experience asthma a couple years later. That motivated him to start JustAir, a nonprofit that tracks local air pollution. JustAir is currently deploying 100 air monitors throughout Wayne County. It is also working with Kalamazoo and developing partnerships in Grand Rapids.

Measuring a problem doesn’t solve it, or course, but you can’t solve it until you measure it. Data from the Wayne County monitors will be publically available. The system will send text messages when air quality is poor. Shining a light on air quality will allow and encourage governments, organizations, and individuals to take action.

I liked this quote from Darren:

“Imagine a world where people are going to school, learning better, where we’re keeping people out of the emergency room and employees are working because we are protecting health proactively. That’s a world I want to wake up to.”

Unfortunately, the interview is behind Detroit News’ paywall, but you can read more about Darren’s efforts at his website: JustAir.

Darren and the JustAir crew sound like the type of social entrepreneurs we need to assure a bright future for our Michigan kids.




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